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0.3 Inch - Finger Tape - 3 Rolls With Case

0.3 Inch - Finger Tape - 3 Rolls With Case

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Ferus Sports Finger Tape, the ultimate solution for protecting your fingers during high-intensity sports activities. This tape is designed to provide maximum comfort and support, while ensuring superior grip and flexibility.

Measuring 13 meters in length and 8 millimeters in width, this tape is ideal for wrapping around your fingers to provide added protection and support against injuries. It's made from high-quality, breathable cotton material that is gentle on your skin, and provides a comfortable and secure fit.

Our Cotton Sports Finger Tape is perfect for use in a variety of sports activities, such as jiu-jitsu, judo, weightlifting, MMA, CrossFit, basketball, volleyball, rock climbing, and more. It's durable and easy to use, and can be applied to your fingers quickly and securely.

In summary, Ferus Sports Finger Tape is the perfect addition to your workout gear. It's designed to provide maximum comfort, support, and protection to your fingers, allowing you to focus on your performance without worrying about injuries. Get yours today and take your sports performance to the next level!


  • Premium-quality tape designed specifically to strengthen grips
  • Provides protection and support for the knuckles and joints
  • Cotton material, soft and comfortable
  • Good tensile strength
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Strong and reliable stickiness
  • Constant unwinding tension
  • Leaves no residue on the body
  • Glue is hot melt adhesive, latex-free
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